Tage Lundin

Member of KRO and Who´s Who, Art Club International.

Fortytwo years of artistic development makes Tage Lundin to one of the country's most interesting artists.
His paintings are made up of many transparent layers of oil in a colouristic style, described by critics as "personal, abstract nature-poetry."

Pär-Arne Fors


Cannes, Artistes du Monde 2016.

New York, ArtExpo 2007 and 2008.

New York, Broadway Gallery 2011.

Paris, Musée du Louvre 2010.

Beijing, Forbidden City Museum 2008.

Barcelona, Artists in the World, Art Expo 2015.

Florens, Biennale Internationale dell Arte Contemporanea 2005.

Marbella, MarbArt 2006, In corporation with Picasso Museum.

Amsterdam Art Fair 2008. In corp. with van Gogh Museum.

Giverny, SAM 2012, Who´s Who in int.Art, Galerie 60, 2012.

Miami, Museum of Americas, Contemp.Intern.Art 4, 2011.

Monte Carlo, Art Monaco 2013.

Salzburg, Mozartfestival Art Salzburg 2006.

Stockholm, Sthlm Art Fair 2006.

Santa Fe, Barak Art Exhibition Salon, Rasario 2011.

Paris, SAM Who´s Who, Gallerie Mouvances 2009.

Santa Fe, Centro Cultural Provincial, IDEAL 2011.

Buenos Aires, Intern.Art Fair, Mar del Sur 2012.

Buenos Aires, Intern.Art Fair, Miramar 2012.

Ghent, Line Art 2007.

Genéve, Europe Art 2007.

Innsbruck, Art Innsbruck 2007.

Copenhagen, Art Nordic 2014.

Santa Barbara CA, Omma Center Gallery.

Gothenburg, Art Nordic 2007 and 2008.

Sundsvall, Art Fair 1995.

Malmö, Danske Kunstmesse 2006.

Skellefteå, Skellefteå Konsthall.

Mosjöen, Vefsn Muséet.

Gällivare, Gällivare Museum 2015.

Mosjöen, Kulturverkstedet.

Piteå, Piteå Konsthall 2011.

Stockholm, Mälargalleriet.

Malmö, Svenska Konstgalleriet.

Stockholm, Galleri Tersaeus.

Oslo, Galleri Tonne.

Örnsköldsvik, Galleri INN.

Umeå, By Side Sidewalk.

Östersund, Lilla Galleriet.

Umeå, Galleri Blå.

Landskrona, Galleri Nygatan.

Malmö, Luftkastellet Limhamn 2012.

Östersund, Galleri Renée, Lilla Galleriet and more.

Markaryd, Markaryds Konsthall.

Mosjöen, Galleria Kunstfestival.

Uddevalla, Galleri Leopold and Galleri Nyttokonst.

In addition, about 50 exhibitions through art associations
and culture councils in Sweden.